January review

Running for in ambulance – January review

Well not I am, but the New Year is running! And once again, really quickly. It seems like several months ago that I have brought up my idea of RUNNING FOR AN AMBULANCE. But it was around Christmas! But many thinks happen in the first months.

And here comes my  first update for you:

So that was it with the warm up. Now it is February and we need to accelerate. So I’m already in talks with other companies that hopefully will come on board in a few weeks. This is really important, because the first kilometer in March need to be „sponsored“:

The Frankfurt Half Marathon is on March, 9th = 21 km x 25 EUR = 525 EUR .

Since all of this charity work here is done beside family and job, of course, the question after the current fitness level is valid. Where is the time for training? Finally, I will indeed properly get through the races:

  • Physically I feel really great. I could avoid all kind of colds and viruses 🙂
  • The very unusual fitness training shows first results (often in the form of muscle soreness – and hopefully later in the form of better bike and run performances …)
  • In total in January, I could make 26 training sessions with over 20 hours (difficult to start early in January!)
  • 110 km run – 10 km swim – 125 km indoor cycling

So the start is done​. Please stay in contact and support us. I hope we can announce quite soon some more people and companies that support us. You will find the banking details for any donation here.



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