Status of donations +++ February 2014 is on track .

February is over and we made already a nice step forward in our search for donations and sponsors. However, we need to continue this way. Our race for an ambulance is still quite long …


Quick reminder: We need in total 10,000 EUR for the acquisition and deployment of an ambulance. In 2014 I will therefore complete over 420k in running, cycling and triathlon races, of which every single k can be sponsored with 25 EUR.

So where are we after 2 months?

Well, of the 420k we have 104.2k already sponsored! So I can tackle the Frankfurter Half Marathon on March 9th with a good feeling. Highly motivated 🙂

But for the next competition, the 109k of the SKODA VELO TOUR on May 1st, there are still some Euros missing … Right now I would stop somewhere in the mountains of the Taunus! Can’t be right?!! No?

In the meantime I’m very positive for our race for an ambulance. We have been able to inspire some private donors, including the children of a Frankfurt primary school. All these donations are pushing me forward.

On the top we have recruited also four companies for our initiative – with Saxo Bank, the Metzler Foundation, Pictet & Cie and the GECAM AG.

In total, there are now 2,605 EUR credited to the account for donations.

Of course, all this is not enough and we still need more help and support:

In order to find the missing 7,395 EUR, every recommendation to friends, every LIKE and SHARE on the Internet – and, ultimately, every little donation to the bank account is very welcomed.


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