February Review: Thumb up! Thumb ouch …

The February 2014 is already history and the winter comes to an end! Those are great perspectives – at least for the weather, the training and the longer daylight. But before I can enjoy it, I would like to look back.

What did we achieved for runningforanambulance.com during the past 28 days?

On the donation side quite a lot. We managed to make ¼ of our way to the finish line!

2,605 EUR of the targeted 10,000 EUR have been donated.


At this point, once again a big thank you to all donators! There have been already several private donations, plus those of some companies. You can find them all under „Unsere Sponsoren“.

Thumbs up for this result. I’m really super happy!

Concerning my training I couldn’t quite make the program as planned in February :

  • I’ve only made ​​it to the swimming pool once,
  • 2x to Csilla in her chamber of torture (fitness!),
  • run around 80k and
  • did 134k on the bike indoor

The reasons are easily explained. The work… Unfortunately, the mileage of business trips do not improve directly my endurance.


So the last week of February should change the trend. A week of altitude training camp – skiing in the Alps – was on my program. Did the red blood cells multiplied as they should? It was at least hard enough for my thighs that I had waived longer runs in the evening. My legs should be stronger as ever!!!

However, there is also a bad message from the mountains. An injury. I can’t tell you how serious it is today. It was a quite spectacular crash in the FUN PARK. So I have not only a thumb sprained (no big deal!), but especially my ribs have been attacked quite heavily. How bad? I do not know. Breathing, laughing, just laying down hurt quite nice.

Can I compete at the Frankfurt half marathon next Sunday? I will see …


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