Frankfurt Half Marathon: Smooth start into the new racing season … (Race Report)

1 h 29 min 38 sec – If someone had just offered to me this result a week ago I would have accepted it immediately. With my bruised rips and nearly 2 weeks without any running training? Sure. Great. So this year result almost corresponds to the second to my recent Frankfurt best performance from last year.

A good start into the racing season 🙂

The day itself began simply superb. We had perfect weather for a run. The sun came out already in the morning – at 10:00 it was still a little bit chilly. No risk of over-heating.

 HM Anreise

The mood at the Commerzbank – Arena was great before the start, about 5,000 participants. Like the soccer pros we could change in the “Eintracht” cabin.

 HM Umkleide1

HM Umkelide3

 At 10:00 the elite field started and only 3 minutes later it was my turn.

 HM Start

I began with a speed of 4:05 per k – so if I just had trained normally. I thought that I will slow down automatically if this was to fast 😉

10k in 41 min 07 sec

So down to the river Main it worked quite well. I could stand the pace and have been placed somewhere between the pacemakers with the 1:24 and 1:29–balloons. At 15k things became much harder. The missing workouts started to slow me down … But the ribs have been fine, by the way.

16.3 km in 01 h 08 min 07 sec

Only when I saw the signal announcing the 20k distance, I knew that it may be fast enough for a time under 1:30 .

Finished in 01 h 29 min 38 sec

 Total place 337 / / age class M40 place 48

HM Stadion2

Over 21k I was really running close to my limits – for the children in Senegal, for our sponsors and donators. Today, we could earn 21 x 25 come EURO for the ambulance. THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED FOR OUR PROJECT!


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