March review: First competition – but I need more time!!! (or money?)

The first quarter of 2014 is already history? I can’t believe it. Why the time is running so fast? Better I would run fast. Fast for our ambulance. But the month of March shows that it is not so easy. It’s even hard work …

But let’s start at the beginning

Looking on sports: March was dominated by my first competition – the Frankfurt Half Marathon – 21km with an injured rib. But the result was fine. I just ignored the pain because I didn’t want to disappoint any of our sponsors. Or worse: the kids in Senegal! Finally I did it just under 1h30. And all this in an appropriate racing outfit (see the full race report here). Overall result: Happy 🙂

 HM nach Ziel2

My fitness level suffered a bit in March because of the result of a skin cancer prevention (really important stuff – especially if you do sports outside!!!) – was not that perfect 😦 2 cuts with sutures meant a break in running and swim training. But next Friday the rest of the sutures will come out – and then I will be back on track and in the pool.

On the donation side we had some inflows in March. Our list with all those who help us so far has grown. However, there is quite a bit still missing to get the cycling race on May 1st fully sponsored…


Therefore, it would help us if you could continue to highlight our project and in particular our donations account to your friends (details here!!!). Any amount is welcome and will bring us a step forward. THANK YOU!

Concerning the actual training program I ‚m satisfied –  given the circumstances mentioned before. Today I made the first long bike ride = 80km through nice and endless yellow canola fields around Frankfurt, with some nice hills (800hm in total). That’s just perfect to strengthen the endurance. And I can see that my winter indoor bike sessions + fitness “torture” with Csilla may pay off. There is some kind of power on my pedals 🙂 So my attempts to combine my very busy job schedule with my few training sessions look promising. It does not work always, but from time to time…



We need all your support…

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