Status of donations +++ March/ April 2014

With the early spring, the sun and the warm weather, our fund rising activity wake up – and I am really happy to say … is progressing according to our plan !!!

So what happened on the financial side since our last status of donations? Quite a lot, but have a look on your own :


 We collected almost 4,000 EUR – missing only 65 EUR to break this new barrier…

 Come on, any volunteer???

Quick reminder: We need in total 10,000 EUR for the acquisition and deployment of an ambulance. In 2014 I will therefore complete over 420k in running, cycling and triathlon races, of which every single k can be sponsored with 25 EUR.

In the past 6 weeks we collected over 1,300 EURO. THAT’S CRAZY. A big, big thank you to all of you who helped and encouraged us – and recommend our action to friends. In March / April especially to:

A total of 157.4k are already sponsored (cool! ! ). That was already enough for the Frankfurt half marathon (which I was able to complete despite some obstacles with a good time) – and it’s enough for the 109k of the Skoda Bike Tour, a cycling race on May 1 around Frankfurt.

And than? On June 15, I ‚m already at the start of the Kraichgau Challenge , a triathlon with a total of 112.9 km. The swimming (1.9k) still works, but on the 90km bike leg I will run out of donations. DNF??? NEVER!

Therefore, we still need your support! Please, continue as you did in the past. The more you talk about it, the sooner we reach our goal. We need „only“ 6,000 EUR more… 


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