„Running for … BigShoe“ #charity has its first #donation !!! Thank you Albert :)

This was much faster than we expected! The first donation for our new fundraising campaign has arrived. And it does not come from an unknown person…

Thank you so much, Albert !!!

Pantle Kopie

As chairman of the Association Bilbassi eV I already had the pleasure to meet Albert during my first charity run. And until today I’m very impressed by what he has set up in Senegal, together with many volunteers: a Children’s Hospital in the city M’Bour, fully funded by private donations. This performance is for me at least as an inspiration for life, as the 70-year-old athlete, who crossed together with me the finish line in Wiesbaden at the Ironman 70.3.

With this donation my run for BigShoe is started. Transferred to the IRONMAN race course in Frankfurt, it means that I’ve done the swim of just 3.8 km and run into the first transition zone. Who accompanies me now with his donation on the bike course???

Reminder: for every race km of the 2016 Frankfurt IRONMAN I try to collect 25 EUR of donations for bigshoe move km 175 x 125 mm_BigShoethe non-profit association BigShoe. At the end of my first Ironman race we should have enough money to allow an urgent medical surgery for 18 children.

Again, I thank you very much Albert for the successful launch and look forward to the next supporters !!!! The details of the donation account  can be found here.


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