During the Winter 2014 the idea was born, to use my excess of energy and endurance I normally invest in triathlons, cycling races and marathons and to devote this to a good cause. RUNNING FOR … AN AMBULANCE was born. All 2014 racing kilometers were sponsored.

Over only 12 months, I was able to collect over 6,200 EUR from companies and private persons for Bilbassi e.V. Bilbassi helps children in Senegal to access to medical assistance – via the children’s hospital in M’Bour – completely funded by donations. From my collected money a much-needed ambulance is acquired.

My second charity challenge was for “BigShoe”. The association BigShoe is taking care of seriously ill children who would never have the opportunity to appropriate medical care without the help of many donors. The team is taking responsibility for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. BigShoe should be a symbol of common medical treatment for people in need, especially children. Donations and contributions has been used successfully for medical surgery of children.

But after the charity run should be before the next charity run. And so I will venture to the next project.


You can find more about my project # 3 here.

So much to say: On the occasion of my second Frankfurt IRONMAN triathlon I try to collect 226 x 5 EUR = 1,130 EUR in donations …

This corresponds exactly to the 226 km which I would like to complete in my second IRONMAN in July 2017: 1.8 km in the water, 180 km on the bike and 42.2 km running. In one day. And from now on, you can become the sponsor of a single kilometre (or more!) and at the same time help hungry children.

You can find the information on the donation account here.



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